2021 National United States Opening Number Dress

This is NOT the exact dress. It will be very similar to this. For example, all dresses will have a closed bust, yellow lace on yellow tulle, and a sequin + bead belt.


All information about your dress is on your order form. Please refer to that form for the details. We will be strict about deadlines, sizes, no refunds etc.

Remember, your final total will only show at the end of checkout. We are based in Maryland, so you will have $185 + 6% tax + $15 priority shipping.


1. Click the image to the LEFT.

2. Add the item to your cart.

3. Complete the transaction. Please be MINDFUL of the shipping address. We will ship to this address - please make sure it is 100% correct. Incorrect entries will be shipped back to us and thus, will cause a delay in your receiving the dress.

4. Immediately after your transaction is complete, go back to the Google Form and order number.

5. Once your form is received, you will receive an automatic message indicating they have been received. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you.

Questions: StyleTeam@TheBravado.com