2021 NUS Opening Number Dress

2021 NUS Opening Number Dress


This picture is NOT your exact dress; this is just a mock up of the dress. For example, your dress will have NO opening in the center/bust area. Your dress will be yellow lace, with a tulle skirt, and sequins and beads for the belt. 


Immediately after your transaction is complete, go back to the Google Form and enter your order number. This helps us crosscheck and ensure that we have your form + payment. 


You will enter your size on the order form. You will receive a standard dress size, according to what you tell us. NOTE: you may need to make personal alterations at your own cost.


Dress is $185.00

plus 6% tax

Shipping is $15 (priority shipping to your home)


Questions: StyleTeam@TheBravado.com


If we have any questions, we will reach out to you.

Questions: StyleTeam@TheBravado.com


**No returns or refunds**

** Dress is offered at a special rate, as per our partnership with your pageant **